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SpyLock conductive films supplies windows with an invisible electrically conductive coating and can easily be retrofitted in existing constructions or be integrated in laminated glazing to reduce radiation intensity in living and working spaces.

With more data being transmitted and shared electronically, protection from electronic eavesdropping and video image reconstruction becomes crucial. This is especially true for government organizations, businesses, architects and building owners looking for ways to design secure buildings. But there is also the trend to work remotely from home and this creates new problems and challenges, especially in terms of network security. Home networks aren’t protected by the same rigorous cybersecurity protocols that corporate networks have access to.

Protect your data from remote spying, done via war driving from a car, from another building or via drone spying through the windows.

Architectural Shielding

Architectural shielding materials are used to reduce the exposure of a building’s occupants to electromagnetic radiation emitted by nearby sources of microwave and radio frequency radiation, to prevent data theft and hacking. Sources of electric and magnetic energy are mobile phone towers  (4G, 5G, 6G) and many other electronic devices also, including wifi. Another important threat to protect against is intentional electromagnetic interference (I.E.M.I.) attacks

Vianovix are specialists in architectural shielding against microwave and radiofrequency radiation, providing solutions for existing buildings and new constructions worldwide.

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The SpyLock conductive films have been specifically engineered to reduce the transmission of electromagnetic radiation, also known as EMI Shielding.

SpyLock conductive films also provide shielding against electromagnetic VDU (video display unit) emanations leakage attempting to rescontruct the original video image from these emanations.

SpyLock Intended Use: Provide windows with RF attenuation against electronic eavesdropping, data theft/hacking from a distance and for security and military/defense purposes.

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Why SpyLock?

Corporate or state-sponsored espionage does occur

Most of the networks on which we depend are constantly under attack and billions are lost every year repairing systems from cyberattacks.

It's affordable high- tech

Vianovix will determine the best course of action to achieve the desired outcomes using the most cost-effective methods at disposal.

Additional security

Most companies have encryption and firewalls and a robust IT department, but lack another layer of security. Anyone who can see your signal, can find a way to hack it.The windows are the weakest link and need to be secured and shielded.

Customer-driven innovation

Technological innovation doesn’t happen in isolation - it happens by talking to customers, understanding their needs and concerns, and translating that into products. It is this customer-centered approach that has been fundamental to success.

Cell phone range

While EMI shielding may reduce signal strength, they will not completely block cell phone service. There is no reason that people in your building will not be able to use their cell phones. Furthermore, internal networks without interference or security risks from the outside are present in most buildings or can be installed.

High-performace protection

Ultimate damage protection by glass shattering control

Spylock 35

Key features
  • Shielding Effectiveness ≥32 dB (10 MHz-26 GHz)
  • Highest quality shielding product
  • Optical transparency ≥75 VLT
  • Compliance: ASTM D4935 & IEEE Std 299
  • Patented technology
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spylock 50

Key features
  • Shielding Effectiveness ≥50 dB (10 MHz-26Hz)
  • Highest quality shielding product  
  • Optical transparency ≥60 VLT
  • Compliance: ASTM D4935 & IEEE Std 299
  • Patented technology