Conductive Films

Optical transparant EMI Shielding

Information security of electronic systems is a crucial aspect in our modern society. Shielding effectiveness, the amount of signal reduction when passing through a medium such as glass, is referred to as attenuation. Attenuation is measured in decibels (dB) and calculated for each individual frequency.

The greater the attenuation, the more the signal is weakened, meaning it is less likely for eavesdroppers to retrieve wireless data. Provide RF attenuation against electronic eavesdropping, data theft/hacking and for security and defense purposes.

SpyLock conductive film can be integrated in laminated glazing or can be applied in retrofit on existing glazing.

Shielding applications include:

  • Applications in hospitals (shielding of NMR, EMG and EEG installations)
  • Shielding of development laboratories in industry, to avoid electronic data (like sensitive designs and developments) to be captured from a distance
  • Data security of computers
  • Shielding of executive rooms to avoid microphones or electronic bugs to be captured at hundreds of meters outside the building
  • Shielding against electromagnetic leakage emanations originating from a VDU (video display unit) attempting to recontruct the original video image from these emanations.


Depending on the intended use, choose the SpyLock film that meets your demands 

Spylock 35

Key features
  • Shielding Effectiveness ≥32 dB (10 MHz-26 GHz)
  • Highest quality shielding product
  • Optical transparency ≥75 VLT
  • Compliance: ASTM D4935 & IEEE Std 299
  • Patented technology
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spylock 50

Key features
  • Shielding Effectiveness ≥50 dB (10 MHz-26Hz)
  • Highest quality shielding product  
  • Optical transparency ≥60 VLT
  • Compliance: ASTM D4935 & IEEE Std 299
  • Patented technology 

We cater to different sectors

  • Complete building envelope
  • Private homes
  • Government buildings
  • Server rooms
  • Air traffic control towers
  • Military
  • Network operation centers
  • Shielded cabinets
  • Workspace enclosures
  • Industries processing confidential or high security data